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Viper 2MP ANPR Bullet Camera

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Qvis proudly presents the FISHEYE-6-BW camera, a 6MP fisheye lens that offers unparalleled vision across office spaces, shops, classrooms and more.

  • 50-70m IR Range
  • 2MP Image
  • Supports PoE
  • Sony Stravis (works in low light conditions)
  • Micro SD supported


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Elevate your surveillance capabilities with the 2MP Viper IP Motorised Lens ANPR Bullet Network Camera, specifically designed for automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). This advanced camera combines a 2MP high-resolution sensor with a motorised zoom lens, enabling precise focus on vehicle license plates for clear, readable captures. Ideal for traffic management, access control, and security monitoring, its ANPR technology efficiently identifies and records vehicle information in various lighting conditions.

  • 2MP High-Resolution Imaging: Ensures detailed captures for accurate license plate recognition.
  • Motorised Zoom Lens: Allows for dynamic focusing on vehicles at different distances, enhancing ANPR accuracy.
  • Robust ANPR Capabilities: Optimized for reliable plate capture, day or night, supporting security and traffic management.

The 2MP Viper IP Motorised Lens ANPR Bullet Network Camera’s durable design and IP67 rating make it suitable for outdoor use, ensuring performance in all weather conditions. With its powerful ANPR technology and versatile installation options, this camera is a valuable tool for enhancing security and operational efficiency.

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