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Mission Darkness Mojave Faraday Phone

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The Mission Darkness Mojave Faraday Phone Bag is a multi-functional travel bag with a built-in faraday sleeve specifically designed for shielding electronic devices from RF signal and storing frequently used accessories, all in one sleek case.

Stay Connected on Your Terms: The Mojave Faraday Phone Sleeve

Uncompromised Digital Privacy

The Mission Darkness Mojave Faraday Phone Sleeve is not just a carrying case for your phone; it’s a fortress of privacy in your pocket. Engineered with dual-layered military-grade Faraday fabric, this sleeve ensures absolute signal blockage. Whether you’re a professional safeguarding sensitive information, a traveler seeking peace of mind, or simply someone who values their privacy, this sleeve is your guarantee against unauthorized tracking, hacking, and surveillance. In an age where digital privacy is a rare commodity, the Mojave sleeve stands as a beacon of security.

Rugged Elegance

Designed with both durability and aesthetics in mind, the Mission Darkness Mojave Faraday Phone Sleeve marries function with style. Its robust construction shields your device from physical harm, while the sleek design makes it a sophisticated accessory for any ensemble. Water-resistant and discreet, it’s the perfect companion for daily use, travel, and outdoor adventures, ensuring your device is protected against both digital and physical threats.

A Portal to Digital Freedom

Embrace the freedom to disconnect. The Mojave Faraday Sleeve offers a simple yet effective way to manage your digital footprint, allowing you to go off-grid whenever you choose. It’s an essential tool for anyone looking to secure their communications, conduct sensitive transactions, or simply take a break from the digital world without leaving their phone behind.

Principle of operation

The Mojave Faraday Phone Bag ensures that your phone cannot be communicated with when enclosed in faraday sleeve compartment, blocking hacking, tracking, remote accessing of the camera and microphone, data copying or corruption, and also prevents EMF radiation from penetrating. The deluxe patented enclosure system is often used to protect digital privacy and personal data during airport travel, commuting, and in busy or non-secure locations.


The compact size and hand strap allows you to carry the case with you or easily store it in a briefcase, purse, or glove compartment, while offering a solution for keeping your frequently used everyday items organized in one place. The case unzips and folds open showcasing a faraday sleeve on one side providing complete signal isolation, and unshielded accessory compartments in varying dimensions underneath the sleeve and on the opposite side.

The faraday sleeve is constructed with two-layers of high-shielding TitanRF™ Faraday Fabric with dual paired seam construction, and is large enough to fit a cell phone, passport, transponder, and similar size devices. The alternate side includes a wide pocket spanning the width of the case, a clasp for keyring attachments, and two open mesh pockets, all together the perfect solution for keeping items such as your wallet, cords, business cards, checkbook, or additional pocket items organized and easily accessible. The dual side compartment sections allows you to keep devices shielded from RF signals in the faraday sleeve while accessing items in additional compartments. Outer case padding offers physical protection for the items enclosed inside.


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