KYRA Network Protector

Securing your office and organization’s network 

Kyra offers a preventive solution to make sure that your organization’s entire network, including every device and digital assets, is protected. Kyra offers a new generation of security network solutions, implementing preventive approaches to provide a sustainable security network.

  • Protects your organization’s network based on constantly updated lists of malicious activities and files.
  • Takes digital fingerprints of all the devices in your network.
  • Constantly adjust the security settings to keep your network safe.
  • Activates additional security features which are specifically adapted to your network’s environment.

How Kyra works

Securing your office and organization’s network

Kyra was designed by the team of experts to be a collection of the network security functions and tools and they all fit inside one small box. Kyra is what’s known as a Unified Cyber Security Platform, because it provides SMEs with an easy solution against cyber threats. Kyra protects your network, your web activity, your devices, your data, and your digital assets against attacks before they even happen. With its automatically configured security settings, Kyra takes a preventive approach. It uses the newest digital technologies and smart solutions to secure your network. Kyra identifies, understands, and prevents threats to your network and infrastructure. Kyra’s essential security tools include: intrusion prevention system (IPS), web filtering, firewall, antivirus, and automated threat protection, combined with high-performance network connectivity. Kyra provides all those essential tools within one seamless solution. Kyra identifies abnormal activity and behaviors in the network, traffic and devices. For example, if one of your colleagues takes a laptop computer home, where it becomes infected with a malicious file, Kyra will protect all your other devices by isolating the infected laptop automatically.

Cost effective

When compared to endless monthly invoices for expensive alternatives, Kyra provides much better protection without compromising security effectiveness, all at a cost-efficient one-time price. With Kyra, there is no hidden costs.

There is a wide selection of expensive alternatives, and with their deliberately confusing price structure, the choices can be overwhelming. For example, many of them have hidden costs for additional licensing, which can be frustrating and difficult to budget for.

Initial Set-Up

After purchasing a network security platform device, configuring it is usually even more complicated than pricing. For example, you’ll have to activate the licenses, and then apply the proper security settings, such as intrusion detection and prevention. In order to manage the required configuration, you’ll have to read and actually understand the instruction manual, or hire a cyber security expert to do the installation and configuration set-up for you. With Kyra, the setup is as easy as plug and play. Once you connect Kyra to your network, it takes digital fingerprints of all your devices and activities automatically.


With Kyra’s competitors, to maximize your protection and receive a regular return on investment, you’ll have to keep up with all the latest threats, and make sure that the appropriate settings are in place. You’ll also have to make sure that the configurations match your business needs to continue to operate smoothly. On the other hand, with Kyra, all the security software updates are automatic downloads.

Kyra Network Solution

Kyra Plug & Play Solution including Kyra unit.

Kyra Network Solution PLUS

Kyra Plug & Play Unit for Network Security + 30min live video reporting & review monthly with Network experts.

More Benefits

  • To protect the data of your customers and employees
  • Single subscription for a full package to secure every device on your network, with no hidden costs
  • One step ahead of any cyber threat
  • Plug&Play to save your time to get your business protected
  • Stop attacks effortlessly, in cost-efficient way
  • Use Kyra’s detailed reports about your network’s health as a decision-making tool
  • Kyra works automatically, so there are no financial overheads, such as employing cybersecurity experts
  • With Kyra’s off-cloud solution, no data is collected or shared with anyone.
  • There is no GDPR liability for your organization
  • Easy to operate with no hidden costs

Functions & Features

1-Adaptive smart protection

Adaptive smart protection

Taking digital fingerprints of all the devices on your unique network, and activating all of the relevant security tools

2-Threat prevention

Threat Prevention

Defending your network against common but unsophisticated commodity threats, and also rarer but more dangerous threats.

Application COntrol

Application Control

Blocking and preventing unauthorized applications from executing in ways that put data at work



Scanning and protecting every device on your network from malware, including viruses, trojan horses, spyware, and other harmful programs

5-Intrusion detection

Intrusion detection and/or protection system

Monitors a network or systems for malicious activity or policy violations

6-IoT protection

IoT protections

Securing Internet of Things devices, and also the networks they are on

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