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Mission Darkness Charge & Shield

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KEEP DEVICES SHIELDED AND LIVE – From Seizure to Evidence Storage to Data Extraction

To effectively access and recover data from cell phones, tablets, and similar electronics, the latest forensic tools require devices to stay live. The Mission Darkness™ Window Charge & Shield Faraday Bag is designed to keep a device powered while shielded from RF signals. It is available in phone and tablet sizes, and provides ample room to accommodate the filter cable connection. Each bag includes a dual-sided USB filter with external cable lock, patented NeoLok™ closure system for safe use with conductive gloves, transparent window to view battery life and device status, and a variety of device charging cables. The unique charging feature prevents lockout mode and reduces the amount of time needed to break a passcode, enabling the maximum amount of data extraction and unlocking with tools like GrayKey, Cellebrite, XRY, BlackBag, Oxygen, etc.

Shield and Charge in the Field or the Lab

The Window Charge & Shield Faraday Bag can be used independently or with our Blocker Locker™ system (described below). The shielded USB filter and cable kit enables the device to connect to any rechargeable battery or permanent power source, ensuring that power is never compromised. The zipper pocket on the back side of the bag holds the included cable tips; simply connect the device to the internal side of the USB filter using the compatible tip. A device inside can receive power while it is transferred throughout various locations such as a vehicle, charging bank, evidence cabinet, or stationed at a desk with a power outlet, until it can be analyzed in a different location. The user can view device status through the transparent window to confirm that the battery is charged and signal is cutoff. For data extraction, the user simply disconnects the power source and connects to an extraction tool. The bag can be placed in a forensic faraday box and the device inside transferred for shielded data extraction.



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