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HSA-Q1 Spectrum Analyser

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The HSA-Q1 Spectrum Analyser is a fully integrated portable RF Spectrum Analyser designed specifically for professional countermeasures use. With a frequency range of 0 to 13.4 GHz and sweep time of just half a second, it offers unprecidented performance in a truly handheld package.

Precision Meets Portability

The HSA-Q1 Spectrum Analyser is your ultimate tool for detailed RF spectrum investigations. Engineered for both field technicians and serious hobbyists, this device combines precision with portability, making it an indispensable asset for on-the-go analysis. Its compact design does not compromise on functionality, offering comprehensive features that ensure accurate frequency monitoring and diagnosis.

Uncover the Invisible

Dive deep into the radio frequency spectrum with the HSA-Q1 Spectrum Analyser advanced analysis capabilities. Whether you’re tracking down interfering signals, ensuring compliance, or simply exploring the airwaves, this spectrum analyser provides the clarity and detail needed to uncover the invisible. Its intuitive interface and powerful scanning technology make it accessible for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Robust and Reliable

Designed with durability in mind, withstands the rigors of field use while delivering consistent, reliable performance. Its robust construction ensures it’s ready for any challenge, from complex industrial environments to outdoor exploration. The high-capacity battery life guarantees extended use, ensuring you stay operational when it matters most.


Frequency spans can be set anywhere from the whole 13.44 GHz range down to just 25 Mhz when detailed signal analysis is required. Simply move the cursor onto any detected signal and press the ‘Zoom’ button to view the signal in more detail.

The Waterfall (Spectrogram) function shows a real time full colour graphical display of any detected signal to allow the user further analysis. This is especially useful in analysing modern pulsed digital signals (or frequency hopping signals) such as those from Cellular, Wifi, Burst and GPS based devices.

RF Sensitivity can be adjusted over 5 levels: Maximum (-80 dBm), for example, to detect all signals including those in other adjacent rooms or even outside the building, down to Minimum for when location of a specific nearby signal source is required.

  • Frequency Range 1 MHz to 13.44 GHz
  • Sweep time of just 0.5 seconds  (Full Range)
  • Spectrogram Waterfall Function for detected signal analysis
  • Tune & Listen demodulation function – AM/WFM/NFM
  • Data Logging to USB Stick with Time & Date stamp
  • Background Memory Function to compare previous sweeps
  • Very High RF Sensitivity (-80 dBm Sweep, -100 dBm Direct Tune)
  • 6″ TFT Display Screen – Outdoor Readable
  • Audio through internal Speaker or Earphones
  • Multi-element custom antenna supplied
  • Internal Lithium Polymer Battery – 4 Hours Battery Life
  • Weight just 1.3kg
  • Machined Aluminium Enclosure
  • Supplied in Compact Military Standard Carry Case



This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.


This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.

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