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The New EDD-24T is a Handheld Non Linear Junction Detector (NLJD). It detects all types of electronics – whether active, passive or even switched off.

Discover Hidden Devices with EDD-24T NLJD

The EDD-24T NLJD revolutionizes security sweeps by offering unparalleled precision in detecting electronic devices, whether they’re on or off. This Non-Linear Junction Detector is a must-have for security professionals, ensuring no hidden surveillance equipment goes undetected. Its cutting-edge technology is designed to locate and identify electronic components with ease, making it an essential tool for maintaining privacy and security.

Advanced Technology for Comprehensive Scans

Equipped with the latest in NLJD technology, the EDD-24T provides comprehensive scans of any environment. Its advanced detection capabilities allow for swift identification of eavesdropping devices, SIM cards, and other electronic gadgets. The device’s user-friendly interface and ergonomic design ensure that thorough sweeps are not only effective but also efficient, saving time and increasing security.

Durable, Reliable, and Ready for Action

The EDD-24T NLJD is built to last, with a design that withstands the demands of intensive field use. Its durability ensures it can operate in various conditions, making it a reliable tool for law enforcement, corporate security teams, and counter-surveillance professionals. With its long battery life and portable design, the EDD-24T is always ready for action, providing peace of mind in any security-sensitive situation.


This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.


This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.

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